我读了一本新小说,该玛戈事理, last month and loved it. It’s not about about food, but every time a meal comes up, I was riveted by how good it sounded.

“The salt-cured cod was layered with cream mashed potatoes and presented in a small cocotte… the mussels bathed in white wine and garlic sauce.”



让挞面团 铺开面团,易peasy fitted weighted to bake a thin layer of dijon, if you wish 做t the herb mixture over

Because I buy and read books completely blind — I don’t like reading reviews or even the backs of books or I find I’m always waiting for [something that is mentioned that’s not a spoiler, sure, but still a thing I now know will happen and I only want to know when] and it’s not as fun. I also didn’t know anything about the author,早苗勒莫瓦纳going in and hadn’t realized she is, in fact, a Food Person, a former cookbook editor from Phaidon and Martha Stewart. No wonder every time a character cooks, you want to be in the kitchen with them. After I mentioned on Instagram how much I’d enjoyed the book, Lemoine emailed me to ask if I’d like recipes for any of the dishes mentioned. A real recipe from a fictional character? Is it too奇异的?更具挑战性的克拉芙缇之间选择具有焦糖梨(上图)和其他的菜,但最终它是番茄的赛季,我没有机会反抗配方这段话的后面,这就像声音的唯一的一种八月我想有:

“For dinner Mathilde made a tomato tart with fennel salad. She had bought the tomatoes at the market and they spilled juice onto the cutting board as she sliced them open. She always made her own crust and shaped it like a true pâtissier, leveling off the edges until it was flush against the mold. Beneath the tomatoes, she added a layer of parsley pesto and grated cheese.”

arranged, extra pieces fitted in

我用的传家宝西红柿但你并不需要 - 我在这里尝试限制我大惊小怪了传家宝,反正,因为它感觉像圣徒传 - 任何良好的田间生长的番茄会工作,甚至更小西红柿,减半或切片。Inspired by Mathilde, I did indeed make my own crust and leveled off the edges, but I won’t tell anyone if you use a storebought crust or sheet of puffed pastry instead (for the latter, I’d bake it flat, as we do这里). The result is exactly as good as it sounded in the book, an abundantly flavorful, very summery light meal. We had it with a green salad with a vinaigrette I snuck a spoonful of mayo into, also inspired by Mathilde, but next time I’m going to make my favorite fennel salad — do you want the recipe? anyone? (I always get tumbleweeds when I talk about fennel, it’s okay, sigh, more for me.) However you serve it, I hope you love it as much as we have for lunch this week.

mathilde's tomato tart


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Mathilde's Tomato Tart

挞皮(八德brisée)是松散的从多里·格林斯潘的改编每天DORIE。For the cheese, use any kind you like or a combination thereof. Lemoine loves Drunken Goat here, but gruyère, comté, cheddar, asiago, or pecorino could work too. I used an aged provolone. If you don’t have large or heirloom tomatoes, halved cherry tomatoes or sliced cocktail tomatoes will also work here. Serve with a green salad,像这样或茴香沙拉,如玛蒂尔德一样。

    For the crust (pâte brisée)
  • 13/4 cups (230 grams) all-purpose flour
  • 1/2茶匙砂糖
  • 1/2 teaspoon coarse or kosher salt
  • 1/2杯(4盎司或115克),冷无盐黄油,切成1英寸件
  • 1个大鸡蛋
  • 1汤匙水
  • For the filling
  • 3种大非常成熟的西红柿,祖传或其他,切片四分之一英寸厚的横向(约1.5磅)的
  • 粗或粗盐
  • 1small garlic clove
  • 1cup (15 grams) basil leaves, loosely packed
  • 2杯(25克),香菜叶,松散的
  • 2汤匙(30毫升)橄榄油,加更多的刷洗
  • 1tablespoon smooth Dijon mustard (double if it you like mustard; skip if you don’t)
  • 2盎司(55克),硬干酪,切成薄片或磨碎的粗(见注)
  • 现磨黑胡椒

使面团:将面粉,糖,盐和黄油在食品加工。脉冲直到混合物似的粗面包屑。加入鸡蛋和水,食品加工,脉冲纳入。脉冲,直到面团走到一起。变成面团到纸张羊皮纸和形状的成盘。在上面放置羊皮纸的另一片和推出到一个11英寸的磁盘。滑动到板或托盘,冷冻10分钟,直到固定但不那么硬,它会在弯曲时产生裂纹。线A 9.5英寸馅饼盘,优选一种具有可移除的底部,与所述生面团。[A馅饼盘或烤盘与羊皮纸衬里可以工作以及,只要保持侧1英寸高。]修剪多余面团(在冰箱中备用修补)和刺用叉子底部。冷冻20分钟,直到固体。

Bake shell:Preheat the oven to 375ºF with rack in center. Place the tart pan on a rimmed baking sheet. Weigh the crust down with parchment paper and pie weights, dried beans, or rice (that you don’t plan on using for anything else). Bake crust for 20 minutes. Remove parchment and weights. If there are any cracks or breaks, you can patch with the remaining dough. Bake for 5 minutes more. Remove from oven and let cool.

Make the filling:同时,代替番茄上的镶边烤盘切片和轻轻撒上盐。




Bake tart:直到番茄变软,地壳是金,约50分钟,长达1小时,直到西红柿都深深烤。允许稍微冷却,然后热情地服务或在室温下。

Do ahead:You can make the dough a few days in advance and refrigerate. You can also bake the crust one day and make and bake the filling another, as I did. Leave at room temperature; no need to wrap. Leftovers of the finished tart keep in the fridge for 4 to 5 days.


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  1. FEN-NEL! FEN-NEL! FENNEL!!!!!!!!!!

    I am team fennel, I am always seeking out ideas for when I’m not just slicing them up and eating them like an apple; your green bean salad ft fennel a la (RIP) Porsena is on summer repeat for me year after year after year.


    1. Pdub


      1. 大西洋

        Fennel fan here too! I even grew some this year, though they are pretty small due to a sorry lack of watering.


    2. 艾玛


    3. Aubrey


    4. I need that Fennel Salad recipe, too. I always buy fennel with good intentions and use some but then it eventually goes to the worm bin (and they like it). I need a good recipe that will use the bulb.

    5. Deanna


    6. JSPA



      But I’m willing to be convinced.

    7. Susan


  2. Sallyt

    This looks amazing! I’ve been wanting to read her book, and how lovely that she has actual recipes for her character.

    I think you have a typo for flour grams – do you mean 230? Thanks!

    1. Anrev


  3. 凯西

    I was lucky enough to find Dry Farmed Early Girl tomatoes at Trader Joe in CA Bay Area; I usually can find them this time of year at Farmers Markets. I know they will be great in this recipe!

    1. Susan L

      Thank you for mentioning that we can purchase the dry farmed early girls at TJ’s in the Bay Area.. Sometimes I just can’t get to the farmers market!

      1. 凯西

        You need to call your TJ first thing in the morning; if they have these tomatoes, have them save them for you. I was lucky I got to my store early enough because they were only given one case per day.

      2. Jenny Rappaport


        1. I would think a spoonful of good vinegar like balsamic or red wine would be a great substitute – possibly stirred into the miso to round it out a bit. Try it and see!

  4. PlumGaga

    这听起来绝对好吃,但请检查您的面粉的重量。30克为约1/4杯,而不是1 3/4杯,这将是210克。

  5. 石南属

    I had the most wonderful fennel gratin with tomatoes and black olives, with a glass of crisp white wine, in the hot sun on the island of Rügen in Germany that I have tried numerous times to recreate and never quite managed to get right. Team Fennel here, too.

  6. Annemarie Banas

    And I love a good piece of fiction mixed with recipes (Nora Ephron’s Heartburn!) so will search out The Margot Affair soon. Thanks.

  7. Kate Sendegeya

    华丽的外表,因为所有你的食谱做的!英国威廉希尔Sorry you get crickets when you say “fennel”:-( I adore it, and love it both in a salad or cooked, but my husband can’t stand it! Nor can he stand parsley! Sad. So I just don’t bother.

  8. 吉利安


    This tart looks fabulous! Can’t wait to make it before tomato season ends.

  9. Anna

    The tart looks lovely and I will make it tomorrow if I can get nice tomatoes at the veggie stand! As to the fennel, though: I am so sorry, but no. Not even from you :-) Fennel is a no-no in my otherwise very open-to-all-flavours kind of kitchen. Sorry! ;-)

  10. 特蕾西·法瑞尔

    Very similar to a Southern tomato pie, esp with the mayo. Last summer I had a lovely “deconstructed” version at Easy Bistro in Chattanooga. This is such a classically good combo & the variations are endless.

    附:blech on the fennel

  11. 梅艳芳Schattner


    1. 索尼娅



      1. Anita

        It still needs the pricking all over, to prevent puffing.

    2. Erin B


      1. Anita


        1. 尔玛


  12. 加里

    You better post that fennel salad recipe!!!


  13. Dyepotgirl


  14. 下降二

    这看起来像一个可爱的方式来削弱我们的堆large farm stand tomatoes. Skipped the cheese and used a frozen pie crust, as one family member has a dairy allergy. It’s very good–I love roast tomatoes, and with the pesto it’s a lovely simple taste of summer.

  15. Jennyg

    My friend and I read this book a few weeks ago and THIS was the recipe we pinned over!!! Thank you thank you!!! Loved the book, loved the imagery, feels like a walk through Paris at times.

  16. 佳佳


  17. 知更鸟


  18. 布赖恩Gulledge


  19. 钛naD

    你如何从一个蛋挞模萎缩让您的糕点?我总水平它关闭烘烤(他们在GBBO做的事情,他们在煮点心边看到了一把刀在我看来就像总解体只是等待发生)之前,但我用无论多少饼的重量,我总是得到one side that slips down, making the filling stage… interesting… I’m not Team Fennel (too much in the sausage when I was a kid), but I would be Team Baccala if you had any good recipes going.

    1. DEB

      这个配方收缩了一下,而不是一吨。But you brought up GBBO and there’s a pressing thing I need to discuss: I actually noticed, in the years I watched (I confess my interest waned with Mary left, but I hear it’s still great, regardless), that they made perfect tart crusts by leveling them AFTER they baked and I wondered why I go through so much trying to get mine to shrink less. Of course they look perfect if you do it that way!

      1. Kit


        1. DEB


    1. S reid

      Make your own pastry and bake blind (not so essential as the filling is not heavy, but better)
      Smear lots of Dijon mustard on the bottom- I use smooth and grainy
      撒上磨碎的奶酪 - 格鲁耶尔,孔德等
      Slice tomatoes on top

  20. 琳达·天玺

    等不及要读取的玛戈事理。听起来很赞。我知道你不喜欢建议,但我认为你会喜欢用晚餐爱德华 - 关于食物,关系和集在纽约。这是由伊莎贝尔·文森特。

    1. Rebecca

      Thank you for recommending Dinner With Edward, I will check it out right away. I just finished a book called Wild Game by Adrienne Broderick- Also about complicated relationships and food is a major presence.

  21. 这里的一切都听起来很好吃!我会爱你的茴香沙拉食谱。我通常烤,或成为其原料与我的自制豆沙......那么好。

  22. 伊莎贝尔


    Also, yes please to another fennel recipe! I have mixed feeling about fennel (not a huge licorice fan), but we’ve gotten it in the CSA a few times so I’m always looking for new chances to learn to love it (:

    1. Liane


        1. 丽莎


  23. 艾琳

    This is gorgeous. Another vote for fennel in any form. The only salad I make with it is the fennel/celery/apple…a basic variation of your recipe, I thought (with pears?).

  24. Bridgit

    Similar to Ina Garten’s “Anna’s Tart”, which we made this week on pizza crust that was cooked on a pizza stone on the grill. I do not regret it!

  25. Michael


  26. Beth M.

    更多的茴香!我将所有的茴香食谱哟英国威廉希尔u’ve got. I put it in my lemonade, eat it raw, sneak it in sandwiches, saute it, bake it…..

  27. 詹妮弗


  28. 这仅仅是可爱。从小说的真正配方?而且这有点类似于这是我名单上的这一周让我的番茄馅饼!可能只是切换到勒莫瓦纳的替代。

    爱传家宝西红柿,太,但试图让他们家离我的城市市场与农产品快把我逼疯了其余的无奈。他们通常是如此的成熟,他们分裂和土豆泥 - arghhhhh。


  29. Ingrid Emery

    茴香沙拉食谱,请 - 我爱茴香,经常使茴香沙拉。希望能看到在击打厨房更小茴香食谱!英国威廉希尔英国威廉希尔

  30. EMill

    哈啊... ..food色情!我的大部分最喜欢的书是充满了它,在托斯卡William Hill橄榄球纳,贝拉托斯卡纳1000天,当然,巧克力。

  31. 哇,难怪你喜欢这本书这么多!我最喜欢的书是由乔安娜·哈里斯巧克力的正William Hill橄榄球是同样的原因,你喜欢这一个 - 的描述是死的!声音(和外观!)令人难以置信。

  32. Barbara


  33. 科琳Spada


    I had a tomato tart years ago that was delicious. I am certain I requested, and received, the recipe, but in multiple moves, a husband, two children, etc. since then I cannot find that darn recipe anywhere. So glad you shared this one.

  34. Jan

    是请了茴香配方。这看起来好得令人吃惊。海蒂101个食谱也有美味的乡村番茄William Hill橄榄球挞是一直喜欢我们,因为她第一次出版它。

  35. Erin B

    Please share the fennel salad recipe, Deb! We grew fennel in our garden for the first time this year and I’m a huge fan of it in every iteration: raw, roasted, grilled or braised! I think it’s an unsung hero of vegetables and adds such an interesting flavor to whatever it’s paired with. I don’t even like black licorice, and I know fennel is KIND of licorice-y, but it’s much less of a punch in the face and more nuanced and delicately perfumey. I especially love it paired with arugula, lemon, olive oil, reggiano and flaky salt, but I’ve made that a million times and want something new, so please “spill the tea” on the fennel salad!

  36. I adore fennel! Please share your salad. I think many people have a preconceived idea of whether they will like it based on their dislike of licorice candy. I can’t abide licorice candy but braised fennel, fennel ice cream, fennel salad are my number ones!

  37. 索非亚蒙哥马利


  38. 伊丽莎白

    Yes please. More fennel. I made a fennel salad for Shabbat this week. Sliced fennel, shallots, a peach, chopped toasted hazelnuts drizzled with white balsamic and olive oil.

  39. 我的天啊!另一位法国小说厨师!感谢您的番茄馅饼食谱,我想很快做出。

    I have long enjoyed the Bruno, Chief of Police series by Martin Walker. His hero cooks. If you want to read the series, which is now in double digits, start with the first, simply titled Bruno, Chief of Police. Food is just one dimension of this engaging series.


  40. Gwyn Ganjeau


  41. 仁温特

    我想茴香沙拉食谱!And I never know which parts of the fennel to use, so a little tutorial on that would be appreciated, too! Thank you!

  42. Joycelyn

    Great timing as always Deb, we just picked up some lovely heirloom tomatoes at one of our local farms so will be giving your recipe a go for sure. Just need to wait a day or so for this nasty heat wave we’re having to cool down enough to turn on the oven.
    只是一个建议,但如果你喜欢阅读的书籍,如玛戈有染的食谱建议,或与配方的说明和食谱本身以外William Hill橄榄球的神秘书籍,你可能想看看一些黛安·莫特戴维森的推理小说,如“棍棒和烤饼”“垂死巧克力”“杀手煎饼”等。
    I had all Ms. Davidson’s books but lost the majority of them in house fire. I’ve replaced a couple copies I found at thrift stores though so pleased about that.

  43. 石南属


  44. DEB

    我很高兴有这么多茴香沙拉的热情 - 我会很快得到它给你。

    在此期间,有两个茴香沙拉这里,一个用血橙和一个用proscuitto and pomegranate, so they both feel very wintery. There’s also thisgreen salad with a fennel seed vinaigrette。最后,在William Hill橄榄球 , there’s a Fennel, Pear, Celery, and Hazelnut Salad, which I jokingly call the Haters’ Salad because there are so many maligned ingredients in it.

  45. 路易莎Barash

    这是好吃!I skipped the 10 minutes of chilling the pastry before putting in the tart pan and freezing; I had just a tiny bit of basil and parsley so added a handful of cilantro to the herb paste; and I sprinkled a bit of extra grated gruyere on top. will definitely make this again!

  46. Maria Connor

    如果你喜欢书籍美食元素,看William Hill橄榄球看路易斯·米勒市贝克指南乡村生活。

  47. 阿里


    Also interested in trying to veganize this tart recipe, if I ever turn on the oven again before tomatoes are out of season.

  48. 伊丽莎白


  49. 巨灾夫人


  50. 莫莉

    Yum – another triumph, Deb! So cool to have a recipe from a character in a novel – I know many of us are adding The Margot Affair to our ‘to read’ lists after enjoying this post!
    是的,请更茴香食谱 - 味道好极了!英国威廉希尔

    1. 莫莉


  51. 艾玛

    我想茴香沙拉食谱!I love fennel – and one of my favorite go-to salads is your pear and fennel and lemon and parm salad.

  52. 现在我想去读的玛戈事理!我不知道什么玛蒂尔德会想到这一点,但今天我做了这个配方的加莱特版本,结合西红柿和与SK西葫芦和乳清加莱特的加莱特面团和乳清/巴马干酪混合蛋挞的香菜香蒜。(//www.noviox.com/2010/06/zucchini-and-ricotta-galette/) It was a delicious franken-recipe, and I was pleased to discover that the bottom wasn’t soggy even with the addition of the tomatoes.

  53. ËË迪尔

    And I will take your fennel recipes.
    我刚刚完成了一个名为莫斯科绅士的小说,和我们的英雄令,茴香,橙子的沙拉作为对位OSSO BUCO。百胜。

  54. Bruce

    My first SK recipe! I made this for dinner tonight, and it was excellent. Tasty, still juicy, tomatoes on crisp pastry, flavoured with the herb pesto and a hint of local cheddar. Delicious with a bottle of Mi Mi en Provence.


      1. Bruce

        The pastry disk cracked after the first freeze, as I was trying to settle it into the pie pan. After the 10min pre-freeze (I did use a timer) I brought the plate out of the freezer and transferred the pastry to the ceramic pie pan that I used for baking. At that point the pastry was frozen hard enough that there was no real way for it to sink down into the pan. I waited a while for it to soften, but even after that it cracked in a couple places.

  55. 钛m

    Uh..yes,请及时向茴香沙拉!我从来没有使用它往往不够,但每当我这样做,最终会说这样的话:“这是我做了...最好的事情之一”。Mostly thanks to your blood orange and fennel recipe already here, I’ve branched our and added it as a secondary ingredients to all sorts — Eg with lemon vinaigrette, lettuce, scallions, chili, parmiggiano, and toasted almonds on Saturday it was way better than expected.

  56. 萨拉C.

    Made this last night. Amazing! Such intense summer flavors—just what I was craving. It did take nearly 3 hours, including down time and baking time. Made it in a pie plate and it worked great. In future I will skip the initial freeze, which made the dough too hard—had to wait for it to thaw before transferring to the pie plate. Subbed farmers market kale for parsley, which I didn’t have. Sharp cheddar was my cheese. It was very well done at 35 minutes, not 50, but my oven may run a little hot. Another winner from Deb.

  57. 佳佳

    Has anyone made this filling without cheese? We have a dairy allergy in the family. Wondering if anyone has either skipped the cheese entirely or used a dairy-free creamy alternative with success? (I can make do with a vegan crust.)

  58. 凯茜

    I made this using the David Lebovitz tart recipe, since it’s just too simple. It was so good. I used heirloom tomatoes from my local farm stand and goat cheese. I think next time I’ll use a smaller piece of garlic in the herb spread (gasp! and I always put in more garlic to everything) because I think it slightly overpowered the tomatoes, which should shine here. Mustard is a must!

  59. 谢丽尔

    我做了这一点 - 灌装是天上的,但地壳是很紧,没有一丝片状的...对面粉量看其他人的意见,我想知道,如果只是有太多的面粉。我绝对增加的方式更多的水比列出,因为它就是这么干的1TB - 好像地壳配方关闭。请修正!否则,它是完美的。

  60. 我刚下订单W¯¯我的图书馆;有比我早11名的请求!
    I’ve made about 8 different tomato tarts this summer & a good 1/2 dozen cold soups: gazpacho, salmorejo, ajo blanco–even a zucchini soup that turned out awful. My husband has said enough already! When in Lyon a few springs ago we discovered those amazing little “apero” cherry tomatoes at the Farmers Market. We went through a kilo every other day. Costco has some right now, that are similar but despite being billed as from “France” (seeds) the skins are tougher and they are a bit more tart than the ones we remember.

  61. T

    Creating “real recipe from a fictional characters” is the schtick of youtuber Binging with Babish – in this case from TV shows rather than books. It’s been really cool to see his techniques (and setup) improve over the years!

  62. 我一直在切片和热气腾腾的茴香feed my mom after her chemo. It’s still a flavor she enjoys, and I hope that it calms her stomach. I’m very curious to hear more about this fennel salad, for me, and for my mom. It’s been a tough summer. Hope you are doing well, Deb.

  63. 玛丽^ h


  64. 劳拉P.

    这些描述让我想起他们乔安妮哈里斯来谈谈食品巧克力。所有those gorgeous Provençal flavors.

  65. Vilmarie


  66. Maria


    also this looks delicious and now I want to read that book!

  67. Holly


  68. 爱丽丝K.

    I made this today for lunch with a social-distanced friend at my home outside on the deck. It was delicious! I used a pre-made frozen pie crust (sorry, Deb!) to save on time, but filled it with home-grown tomatoes (red and yellow) and home-made pesto. I had no smooth dijon mustard, so I used coarse ground; it didn’t seem to matter too much. I only had parmesan cheese, and that seemed to work okay, too. All in all the pie/tart was excellent, and I shall make it again.

  69. 弗朗索瓦丝


    1. Catherine

      Don’t push as vigorously? I honestly haven’t had this problem, so am to sure how to advise… maybe place a towel underneath? I hope I didn’t come off as rude or anything *embarrassing face*

  70. Catherine


  71. 梅芙

    “Blot tomatoes with paper towels to remove excess liquid.”

    No, no, no, please Deb, you are trying to save the world for your kids, right?
    印迹西红柿旧抹布。我救了我只是干燥蔬菜和任务是这样的。我的避风港”找到一个替代纸巾的唯一的事情就是印迹培根 - 但很快,我希望!


  72. Cathryn


  73. 你好Deb,

  74. M-C

    I am going to ignore that remark about fennel entirely. But 1tb of mustard, really? The mustard is what makes this. You could totally skip the cheese and never miss it. But you need a thick coat of mustard to make it work..

  75. Linda Komes


    1. DEB

      谢谢for bringing this to my attention — I didn’t realize this was happening and filed a ticket with the team that helps me so we can get it fixed up. Thanks.

  76. 凯尔西


  77. Michelle

    What size food processor do you use and/or recommend for making things like this dough? I’m getting ready to (finally) buy one, but now I can’t decide what size bowl.

  78. K

    我只好在柜台上,罗勒和香菜在院子里疯狂增长,和面团一些传家宝西红柿在冰箱咸味挞皮,所以这看起来像是一个完美的易于周一晚上的晚餐。它走到了一起,很容易和这么可口的(我没有在底部放了更优厚的芥末层和洒一些piment D'埃斯普莱特顶部与黑胡椒)。我们都喜欢它,我已经打算很快再次做到这一点。

  79. 艾莉森Kalinski

    你好。first time making a tomato pie – i was nervous it would be soggy – but it was perfect! so summery and delicious! i followed the recipe exactly but used a frozen pie crust with gruyere cheese! Thank you!

  80. 衣夹


  81. Andrea

    This was delicious: thank you for helping us make a dent in our unusually bountiful tomato crop. When I make it again I will definitely use a quiche pan to create a deeper space to pile on the tomatoes. I think I’ll also do the food processor steps (dough and pesto) in advance to spread the work out a bit.

  82. Rebecca Whitney

    First time commenter, long-time reader… I loved that book too, and was obsessed with all the food. Maybe she’ll publish more recipes, but in the meantime, thanks so much for inspiring this one! I can’t wait to make it.

  83. 滑稽;我想这只是典型的“法国的东西”,但是这让我想起了一个古老的帕特里夏·韦尔斯的食谱我痴迷了一段时间。在书中,她既有番茄馅饼(V与此类似)和梨八角克拉芙缇,都那么好。当将是我一生中移动到一个堡,在法国部分开始???

  84. Erin Paradise


  85. Anne

    Very nice tart. I used arugula to make the pesto, having no parsley or basil and that worked well. I made a smaller tart and it took 45 minutes to bake. Crust was flaky and crisp which was great. Will make this again.

  86. Susan B

    Looks yummy, especially the parsley pesto. I feel almost guilty about not loving classic basil pesto, but this sound lighter, fresher. I might make it ahead, store it in a ZipLoc bag with the air squeezed out, and then snip off a corner and pipe it into the shell.

  87. 怜悯

    Not to overstate things, but this is in the top 10 dishes I’ve ever made, and I’ve made well over 10 from this Deb alone. Modifications included using Kerry Gold Salted Butter (woe is me it’s all I had), and added about a tablespoon extra of water and didn’t add salt- worked great. I used probably closer to 3-4 tablespoons stone ground mustard, and still could have used more, I love it so much. I blitzed whole Parmesan and added more like 70 grams since that was what I had. I also had to broil it for 5 minutes at the end since I forgot to add the olive oil on top until late- oops. Anyway, it all turned out fantastically, and even though it was a good amount of work, it was well worth it. I will 100% be making this again.

  88. 西尔维亚

    YES PLEASE FENNEL SALAD tell me all your fennel deliciousness…


  89. K.


    (Also, I am totally making this tart tomorrow.)

  90. 克莱尔

    I cook fennel whenever I can – especially in either a tomato based pasta sauce, or (favourite) caramelised, then braised in some butter and white wine to create a sauce, and bake under a crust of large parmesan breadcrumbs mixed with the fronds. Bring on all fennel recipes!!

  91. 萨拉·麦金太尔


  92. 艾伦

    I LOVE FENNEL! I used to eat a quarter of a bulb at lunch every day, raw, when I packed my lunch and actually left the house to go to work. Send along the fennel recipe please.

    1. 玛丽se42

      I put the filling on store-bought naan to make sort of mini-pizzas (bad planning,

  93. 布伦达


  94. 佳佳


  95. 芳提娜干酪


  96. 伊丽莎



  97. 妮可·斯图普卡

    我会爱一个茴香沙拉(只要不切橙子参与 - 太挑剔)。我们目前最喜欢的是切成薄片茴香,大约搓碎的胡萝卜,羊,香菜,柠檬汁和橄榄油。我使用的蔬菜食品加工。沙拉是保持好几天的。

  98. sallyt


  99. CG

    Love your recipes, making this tonight. I just wanted to know if anyone else had issues when scrolling through comments on their phone with the reply pop up coming up constantly. This has always been an issue for me on this site, but didn’t want to “complain” about something so minor. Perhaps my way of scrolling somehow causes this. Anywho, occured to me today that perhaps others had this issue and Deb might want to fix it. Clearly a low priority!


    1. DEB


      1. LM


  100. Tamara


    1. 弗朗索瓦丝


  101. angela

    你好hi! My dad has gone overboard in his garden this year and we have more tomatoes than we can eat, even after making oceans of sauce. Do you think this would freeze OK after it’s been baked?

  102. Lara


    Second: I made the tarte with a few modifications (sour cream instead of mustard, thicker yeast-based crust instead of the paté brisée, freestyle shape on a baking sheet instead of a tarte) and it was delicious! Made it with homegrown tomatoes and basil from the garden – absolutely fantastic. I also made the “Pissaladière” from Chocolate&Zucchini the same night to feed a crowd and it was an all over dinner hit!

    1. Lara


  103. 丽莎P

    至于别人注意到有关面粉,我觉得这个配方比例是路要走。我结束了奶酪倍增至4制盎司(主要是使用了我有什么),仍然当我切了进去,填充层为超薄,馅饼就出来了非常平坦。当你品尝它,我要买好的奶酪奶酪几乎没有登记。当我查了一些其他的食谱 - 这是我应该做的,我开始之英国威廉希尔前,显然 - 他们称8盎司奶酪或更多。所以,不是我的老板

  104. 乔安娜



  105. Mike

    这真是太棒了。没有什么比烤西红柿更好。鲜味天堂。我换欧芹和basil- 1杯香菜和2杯罗勒的比率。我注意到在挞本身的一些液体,并担心它会跑出来,当我剪。但事实并非如此。仍然是更多的液体汇集还有比我所希望的,但在地壳保持它干得不错(和不潮湿)。感谢您对这个食谱!

  106. 卡罗尔爱



  107. 利兹


  108. 这可能是我第一次为这个快速进入使用你的食谱之一,它没有让人失望。英国威廉希尔焙烧了这么久的西红柿离开了他们那么甜,我很高兴我有剩菜吃午饭!
    No team fennel here, sorry!

    1. DEB


  109. MMBK


  110. Carolyn

    This tart is amazing. Used Jarlsberg cheese, cherry tomatoes which were at the point of becoming over-ripe. Absolutely delicious, thank you.

  111. Leigh

    If you feel like venturing to distant shores, Sally Andrew has written three books in a series, set in a small Karoo town in South Africa. The main character is an avid cook, and all the recipes (many traditional) that she makes are included at the end. The Tannie Maria mysteries – something entertaining and different.

    Recipes for Love and Murder
    Death on the Limpopo

  112. 嘿!我也是茴香的情人,今年增长了它的第一次。我没有在灯泡的方式很多,并且他们反正现在长大了,所以我有很多很多的叶状体的!如果你有食谱,请分享!英国威廉希尔我将它们添加到意大利面条酱和沙拉。

  113. 卡伦

    This tart was delicious!

  114. meadowmuffin


  115. 科琳

    I used heirloom tomatoes and I think that I am going to let the tomatoes drain on a rack over a cookie sheet next time. I blotted with them as instructed, but the crust got a bit soggy. I think that they would be find just on a tray for less juicy tomatoes.

  116. 埃里卡