If you spend any time on Pinterest or Instagram food searches, and who that hangs out here does not, I bet at least once in the last couple years, your Explore tab led you to the photogenic, decadent world of chocoflans. If not, let this post fix your suggestions right now. Chocoflans, sometimes called impossible flan (pastel imposible), are one part flan (a sweetened egg custard with caramel or dulce de leche) and one part plush chocolate cake. They’re considered a bit magical, not only because they combine two of the most wonderful desserts in the world, but because of what happens in the oven. Even though it goes into the oven with the cake batter in first and the flan in second, as it bakes, the batters flip. Once you invert it out of the baking pan, you end up with the flan on top and the cake underneath. I’ve read that this is because the cake, as it rises in the oven, becomes lighter than the flan layer, so the flan sinks and I, a non-scientist, based on little more than liking the sound of it, have concluded that it makes total sense.

what you'll need 牛奶酱 sift your dry ingredients 慢慢加入液体 杂 平滑巧克力面糊 gently ladle flan batter over very full! water bath, then bake baked

I had never never made one before this week because I was sure I’d mess it up in some way — I don’t have a great track record with flans, or bundts, and water baths are a level of fiddly I am happy to leave to the people with patience for them — but when I saw this one in埃斯特万·卡斯蒂略的第一本食谱,墨西哥裔美国人实惠:食谱从我英国威廉希尔的墨西哥裔美国人厨房, I suddenly felt the confidence to make it. Maybe it’s the specificity of calling for “Diamond Crystal kosher salt” in them, and not just “salt” (because good recipe writers know that没有两种盐是相同的),重量等细节暗示他列入真正注重配方开发,或反向奶油蛋糕的简洁的砂砾,但它充满了我的信心,并证明是在... chocoflan。这是完美的。


多一点关于这本书:墨西哥裔餐馆is a vibrant cookbook that celebrates Mexican cuisine from a Mexican-American lens. Despite its cheerful appearance, it doesn’t skip the biographical and historical stories that, for me, makes a cookbook worth curling up with. Castillo talks about growing up going back and forth in his early years between California and Colima, Mexico, where his parents are from, and also Cuyutlán, a beach town on the Pacific coast, where he has family too. He talks about his parents’ enchantment with the American dream, but that achieving was, at times, a distant reality as they struggled to find enough work to succeed. Food wasn’t just nourishment, but his mother’s family’s livelihood. They mined sea salt, made cheese, had a taco cart, cooked for parties, and even have a makeshift restaurant in their backyard. When he moved from the Los Angeles area to Northern California for school, he was far from real Mexican food and missed homecooked meals, and discovered, to his delight, that he could make chiles rellenos just because he’d watched his mom make them so many times, even though her instructions were just “add a little of this and that” (something familiar to so many of us). He prefers to write his recipes down for future generations, and we, the reader, reap the benefits, as well as the arroz rojo, mole, juicy and crisp carnitas, chicken with soft masa dumplings, shrimp in garlic sauce, paletas, raspados, horchata, and aqua frescas.



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Dulce de Leche Chocoflan

  • 1 13.4-ounce (380-gram) can La Lechera dulce de leche or 1 1/2 cups (355 ml) prepared dulce de leche (see directions at end)
  • 1 12-ounce (354-ml) can evaporated milk
  • 4盎司(115克),奶油奶酪,在室温下
  • 1 1/2茶匙香草提取物
  • 1 pinch kosher salt
  • 5 large eggs
  • 巧克力蛋糕
  • 1 1/3 cups (160 grams) all-purpose flour
  • 1杯(200克),糖
  • 1/2杯不加糖的可可粉(50克)
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2茶匙粗盐(钻石被指定,但你会和这里的任何罚款)
  • 1/2茶匙肉桂粉
  • 6汤匙(85克),无盐黄油,立方,在室温下
  • 1/2 cup (120 ml) brewed coffee, cooled
  • 1/2 cup (120 ml) buttermilk
  • 1个大鸡蛋
  • 1个茶匙纯香草提取物
  • 对于服务(可选)
  • Dulce de leche, chopped nuts, whipped cream, and/or ground cinnamon

加热烤箱:To 350ºF (180°C).

Make the flan:在搅拌机,结合牛奶酱,炼乳,奶油干酪,香草精和盐和混合物直到光滑,20到30秒。浇在鸡蛋中并混合另外10秒钟,直至光滑。

做巧克力蛋糕:Sift the flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and cinnamon directly into the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, or a large bowl for use with an electric handmixer. Mix on the lowest setting until just combined, then add the softened butter and continue mixing on low speed until the mixture resembles wet sand. Stop the mixer and scrape down the sides of the bowl if needed.


烘烤chocoflan:涂层涂抹适量的10杯(2.5升)Bundt锅烹饪喷雾。[我正在使用这个。] Add the cake batter, smoothing out the top with an offset spatula or spoon. Carefully ladle in the flan so you disturb the cake batter as little as possible. Transfer the Bundt pan to a roasting pan or baking dish large enough to fit the Bundt pan. Grease a piece of foil and place it greased side down onto the Bundt pan, folding it over the edges to loosely seal it. Transfer to the oven, then pour water (from the tap is fine) into the roasting pan or baking dish to come up 2 to 3 inches.

Bake for 2 hours to 2 hours 15 minutes, checking for doneness after 1 hour 45 minutes, using a skewer inserted into the cake to make sure it’s baked through, with little to no crumbs sticking to the skewer when you pull it out.


服务:Once you’re ready to serve, carefully run a knife around any edges that are still sticking, then invert onto a serving platter, gently shaking it up and down if it’s being difficult. If desired, serve with dulce de leche and a sprinkle of chopped nuts or with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

为了使焦糖从甜炼乳莱希:I could not find a can of dulce at the grocery store so I needed to make my own for this recipe; give yourself time if you need to do this too. Even though you only need one can of dulce, and the volume will be the same as the volume of a can of sweetened condensed milk, you lose some volume when you make it, so I recommend making two cans worth. You’ll definitely have extra — it makes a little over 2 cups. You won’t regret it.

倾的2(14盎司)的罐的内容加糖用箔炼乳成饼状或介质砂锅,和盖贴紧。在一个大烤盘机板,并添加足够的热水平移到达半山腰的小盘子。烘烤在425°F烘箱中1至1 1/4小时,或者直到它呈现出一种颜色焦糖。抛开直到凉,然后再打,直到顺利。对于这个配方,你需要测量从牛奶酱,你已经取得了1个1/2杯。保存休息服务(盐的几片雪花才会真正热闹起来)。这将继续对周的冰箱,如果不是很长;复温在微波中20秒,然后搅拌均匀,如果需要加入更多的时间。

To make dulce de leche fully from scratch (milk and sugar, no sweetened condensed milk):The Smitten Kitchen has you covered!


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    1. Francoise


      1. Karen

        我想让这个自从访问Cabo over a decade ago where I ate it for almost every meal! Do you think it would work with any flan recipe? I like the ones that have you make a caramel sauce that bathes the flan once it’s inverted. I’ve also never made a flan with cream cheese in it so I’m a little skeptical about the texture that will result.

        1. Mary Jackson

          It likely won’t as you already have two layers that flip while baking. The third layer would not survive the transition. I’ve seen many recipes for chocoflan and the flan is good, but it is not the same as traditional flan.

          1. 艾米


          2. 艾丽


        2. Alexandra

          我已经非常有限的蛋糕盘.. IE浏览器。一个8寸轮和一个10英寸的平底锅...将这项工作在一个圆罐?如果是的话,我可以减半配方?

        3. 利兹

          When I lived in Mexico my friend taught me to make flan with cream cheese and it is very common. It makes the flan more stable and forgiving, plus just a little more rich.

      2. Sarahb1313

        I grew up having flan for dessert my whole life. My mother made an almost French version, just eggs milk and sugar, with lemon zest. It was always a little lighter than the traditional Latin recipes. This strikes me almost like a cheesecake! I will indeed wait for this heatwave to be over but with the pandemic i am afraid i will eat the whole cake! And alas the joy of sharing my baking, something that gives me so much pleasure, is missed….

      3. 劣质煤

        Francoise, there is sweetened condensed milk to make the dulce, but there is also a can of evaporated milk.
        Sue, I’m not sure if it will work. I’ve just tried it (as the recipe dictates) and I’m waiting for it to cool!

    2. Amanda

      伊娃porated milk is not the same thing, but you can make it easily yourself. Just bring whole milk to a simmer over medium, drop to medium low and barely simmer, occasionally stirring, for about 25 minutes until reduced. It’ll be a creamy, tanish color. Then just run it through a strainer, let cool, and use. I usually start with 3 1/4 cups and take it down to 1 1/2-1 1/4.

  1. cindy

    In my youth I remember a generation of Impossible Pies (sweet and savory) from the back of Bisquick boxes that worked on this principle, where the crust ended up on the bottom and the filling ended up on the top. They weren’t great, but they were sure intriguing! This looks great…

    1. Anya

      In the area that I live, Funny cake pies are popular, as they apply a similar principle, where the chocolate sauce switches places with the cake batter. I agree, this chocoflan looks better than the funny cakes! :)


        1. 怜悯

          Angel food cake pans are usually in 2 pieces. I think the batters are too liquid for it to work in one. A plain tube pan probably would work. Or a savarin mold.

          1. Valerie Briglia


            1. 怜悯



  2. 朱丽叶


    1. 梅雷迪思


      Even though it goes into the oven with the cake batter in first and the flan in second, as it bakes, the batters flip. Once you invert it out of the baking pan, you end up with the flan on top and the cake underneath. I’ve read that this is because the cake, as it rises in the oven, becomes lighter than the flan layer, so the flan sinks and I, a non-scientist, based on little more than liking the sound of it, have concluded that it makes total sense.

    2. A

      朱莉 - 如果你在文章的开头读Deb的副本,你会看到蛋糕有时也被称为“不可能”,因为后盾期间,蛋糕上升到容器的顶和果馅饼了事。烘烤到原来的位置的对面期间打者实际上颠倒自己。

      1. Cara


    3. Amanda

      I’m pretty sure Deb just sprinkled the finished cake with cocoa powder before serving, rather than dusting the pan with cocoa powder.

    4. Amanda

      Actually, nevermind! Zooming in on the finished photo, it looks more like just cake batter residue that clung to the bottom of the pan and ended up on the flan portion.

    1. Cara


  3. Alexandra


  4. 布鲁克W.


    1. Deanna

      A tube pan (like for angel food cake) would work, but I’m pretty sure I’ve also seen this made as bars in a 9×13 in other parts of the internet. If I’m remembering correctly, White on Rice couple went through a real phase with impossible cake a few years ago, so you might start there for how to adapt it to other pans.

      1. 露西

        I am intrigued by this….can anyone tell me what the texture of the flan part is like? Is it ‘claggy’ – sticks to the mouth, like cheesecake?

        1. Gemma Llewellyn

          Spanish flan is what we (uk) call creme caramel so imagine it is a similar texture to that….a bit like a set custard or blancmange

  5. 波拉

    你可以让牛奶酱也高压锅。只要将尽可能多的罐子,你可以在一个层中的高压锅盖加水站了起来。一旦水沸腾轻轻地,将其放置约60-70分钟。你可以用普通的锅就此别过,但它会需要更长的时间,比如3 houra也许,这将是neccesary保持对水位的眼睛,补益为neccesary。

  6. 劳伦斯

    Any idea how far in advance I could make it? I have a first birthday party coming up for a tiny human too small to order his own flavor, and I love this idea! I saw someone has already asked about a substitute for coffee. Use all buttermilk? Just plain milk?

  7. 艾美奖

    你使用烹饪喷雾?我没有a ton of experience with them and I’m not sure which is best for this recipe – typically with a bundt pan I brush on butter and then flour the pan thinly but thoroughly, but it seems pretty clear that’s the wrong choice for this cake. Looking forward to making this!

    1. KC

      这也可能是为这个特殊的甜点了错误的选择,但我暗烘焙甜点润滑时出锅后用不加糖的可可粉代替面粉除尘。不加糖的可可粉是相当出炉之时不粘 - 虽然当然,花式盘,如果你错过了润滑和尘的一个小裂缝,你可能会失去蛋糕的一大块,叹了口气。

    2. 玛西娅


    3. DEB

      I used Pam with flour spray. (Not a fan of it because it’s scented like artificial vanilla/cake but it’s what I’ve got in my Pandemic Kitchen.)

    1. P

      Was your chocolate cake moist after cooking for so long? The once I have made this (not from your recipe tho) the cake was really dry…

      1. DEB


        1. 克里斯蒂娜


          1. DEB


            1. 克里斯蒂娜Ramsey

              It worked! I used a CorningWare with glass lid and just kept checking until it looked like a lightly toasted caramel. The cake is amazing and you are my go-to chef by the way. Thank you thank you thank you.

  8. DEB升

    you can also make dulce de leche by simmering a can of sweetened condensed milk (label removed) in water to cover for 3 hours. make sure there is always 2 inches of water above the can, cool before opening.

      1. 伊娃


      2. Tanya

        煤矿刚刚出炉的,我太激动了!等待它冷却至室温,我把它放在冰箱里了。我没有忘记油脂箔但它来了。问 - 我可以用什么样的锅,什么大小?谢谢!

          1. Tanya


        1. 仁D.

          我这个昨晚,底层cajeta的牛奶酱。我兴奋得离谱今晚unmold它 - 我们有吃饭饭,我想甜点应该是一样壮观作为主菜。我在12世界杯庆典bundt锅做它,它在1小时45分钟的烘烤后进行。我的房子永远不会被再次冷却,但是这将是值得的,我敢肯定!

    1. Jill Nielsen

      I have many different Bundt pans including the one Deb used for this recipe. I spray my pans with Baker’s Secret and never have a problem getting them out. I also use the stuff when I make loaf cakes and sweet breads like Deb’s Ultimate Zucchini Bread. Works like a charm.

    2. Have you ever tried baker’s goop? It’s like a homemade Bakers Joy that you brush onto the pan, made of equal parts flour, oil, and shortening. There are tons of blog posts out there about it. *Nothing* sticks when I prep my pans with goop first.

    3. DEB

      I have seen them in regular cake pans, however, I do not have a perfect success rate with bundt pan removal (and I’ve tried everything, from bakers goop to bakers joy to prayer) but it was not a concern here. The flan — the part in the sticking-est part of the pan, the crown — does not want to stick. The cake might want to, but you can loosen those parts.

  9. Jill Nielsen

    I have many different Bundt pans including the one Deb used for this recipe. I spray my pans with Baker’s Secret and never have a problem getting them out. I also use the stuff when I make loaf cakes and sweet breads like Deb’s Ultimate Zucchini Bread. Works like a charm.

  10. J.P


  11. 克里西卡


  12. 吉尔ç

    My sister has requested this for her birthday cake in a few weeks. We’ll see how it goes down since I will be making it! *fingers crossed*

  13. 艾米


  14. 琳达

    这看起来很好但我通常不愿我们ing so many eggs in one recipe. Do you think I could cut the recipe in half and use a smaller pan? How would this affect baking time? Thanks for any help on this!

  15. 萨布丽娜


  16. 伯尼


    1. 露西



  17. Cara

    This is the second cookbook I have ordered this month based on your thorough review. I’m going to need to increase my book budget! But, who am I kidding, we’re in the midst of a pandemic (and I live in a current hot spot) an increased book budget was probably inevitable. At least thanks to you I’m sure of getting good books!

  18. 维姬·加芬克尔


    1. DEB


      1. Jen Doyle

        我这个昨晚,底层cajeta的牛奶酱。我兴奋得离谱今晚unmold它 - 我们有吃饭饭,我想甜点应该是一样壮观作为主菜。我在12世界杯庆典bundt锅做它,它在1小时45分钟的烘烤后进行。我的房子永远不会被再次冷却,但是这将是值得的,我敢肯定!

  19. 安德里亚

    所以惊讶于这张照片,我甚至不能得到的cipe yet! Thanks for posting and bringing some wonder to the day. Must make this!

  20. 雷切尔




  21. 利兹

    I love that you tried one of the recipes from Chicano Eats! I LOVE cooking Mexican food – in fact, your site is virtually the only place I get recipes other than from Pati Jinich – and I’ve been considering buying this book! I just love seeing food bloggers that I like supporting each other! *crying emoji*

  22. 艾米

    I kind of flipped when I saw this, because it looks like a simpler version of the recipe I swooned over almost two years ago.http://www.chicanoeats.com/spiced-pumpkin-chocoflan/?mc_cid=f5ba5dc7fc&mc_eid=8a5e89e108这一个赢得了我第二次发生在圣诞美食大赛在我的本地影楼,适合半价学费,下学期!我几乎没有吃过牛奶酱,当然也从来没有作出任何形式的焦糖。但是,我从头开始(容易)做到了,并且做的蛋糕(虽然我几乎拿到了cajeta从泛unglue本身)。在成功之后,我加了你的苹果酒焦糖我repetoire。我显然大呼过瘾,并不能等待做这个。美味+惊艳是最佳组合。谢谢!

  23. 詹妮弗


    1. TriciaPDX


    2. 艾米莉


  24. 朱丽叶

    I am surprised I haven’t heard of this before. It looks fabulous! Caramel, chocolate and flan…hard to beat all three in one dessert! Now to find the gumption to make this because I want it in my mouth right now ;)

  25. Sally Groverman

    Long time Smitten Kitchen fan. Looking to replace rubber rings on jars that are pictured in this post. Any suggestions? I have not been able to find a resource.

    1. 艾米


    2. DEB

      There are jars here from several brands, but I know that all sell replacement rubber rings. Just Google the brand (check the bottom) and size.

  26. Mary Jackson

    我对烘烤时间的问题。我做了烤在350 50-55分钟,其他chocoflans。昨晚我这个配方,它完全在55分钟内完成。原来大。考虑到这是多么热我在哪里,我不想烤箱上一个小时。

  27. Laurel

    首先我要说的蛋糕很美味。但是,我了这么多错,即使我做了濑连接的地方,以避免他们!我结束了驾驶四个杂货店前,我找到了香格里拉Lechera牛奶酱的目标。使坯体进行得很顺利。这个错误是与蛋糕。我把黄油在微波只是为了软化。我没有打开微波炉,我却忘了黄油在那里,所以我完全忘记了在面糊混合黄油,并没有意识到,直到蛋糕已经在烤箱。我也泼一些水在果馅饼,当我在锅里的水洗澡浇热水。约半小时后,饼在烘箱中,我意识到我忘记把箔在蛋糕,所以我只是把一块在锅内,但没有密封。在1小时45分我查了一下蛋糕的蛋糕测试仪和它没有这样做。 I ended up cooking it for about 2 1/2 hours. I cooled it completely. When I turned it out, thankfully it didn’t stick, but there was cake still on the bottom of the pan, so the flan had a coating of cake on it. I will definitely make this again and despite all my mistakes, I’m happy with how good it tastes!

  28. Anna


  29. Niloufar doroud


    这个配方处理一半数量的果馅饼mixture, or in the shape of usual or mini cupcakes?
    Thanx in advance…

  30. 希拉里


  31. 莎拉


  32. LEAh


  33. 琳达Lew

    Had never heard of choco-flan before this, and it was a delight to make (and eat), will check out the cookbook this is from. Kind of reminded me of a poundcake, in terms of it’s heft (small portions will fill you up), but not overly sweet, and seems like it will last awhile. Added bonus, since it is chilled, it’s an especially nice refreshment on a summer afternoon!

    喜欢的蛋糕巧克力/咖啡/肉桂的味道。会了盐的果馅饼了一下 - 我结束洒在熟饼teeeny位。

    Used the instant pot method for making dulce de leche, which has always worked out great for me, and is easier than having to pay attention to the stovetop.

    1. DEB

      It’s my absolute favorite- 不太重,但分量不够,也不是特别贵,洗了很大的。我承认我现在自己的三人。我喜欢他们这么多,如果我得到他们一个好价钱,我带了一个朋友烤宽面条,并告诉他,以保持菜,因为他会很高兴拥有它。

  34. Michelle Caviglia

    It was absolutely delicious!! It was also Mexican in-law approved. The chocolate cake had a subtle cinnamon flavor. The flan was perfect and not too “eggy”. I also felt that it wasn’t too sugary. You could taste all of the subtle flavors without all the sugar.

  35. Debby

    Deb, so many recipes call for just a little buttermilk, and we are not buttermilk drinkers. What is your opinion of the dried buttermilk powder sold with baking goods in the market? Your advice would be much appreciated.

    1. DEB


  36. 布列塔尼

    So excited to make this this weekend for the hubs’ birthday! If I use the SK homemade dulce de leche recipe, is a single batch enough or should I double it just to be safe?

  37. 马里

    I just took this out of the oven, yay! I put it straight in the fridge, because it will need to be ready to eat in 3 hours time. Fingers crossed.

  38. Summers Pendarivs

    Made this yesterday and I did not have a 10 cup bundt pan so used to smaller ones. Cooking was reduced to about an 1:30 minuets. It was fantastic. Shared with the COVID bubble and everyone enjoyed it. Gave the extra cake away to two other households.

  39. 苏珊·托马斯


  40. Janice


  41. Kora


  42. Dana

    Made this yesterday and it came out nicely. Fully baked at 1hr 45 minutes and I will check even earlier next time. I reduced the sugar in the chocolate cake to about 120g, which was plenty for my taste. As the recipe states, remove the cake from the Bundt pan before chilling in the fridge. Otherwise it will not come out of the pan, as I just learned!

    1. Katrina

      You want to leave it in the bundt pan to chill. otherwise I fear you’d have flan soup! The ‘remove’ step is to take the bundt pan out of the water bath pan to cool.

  43. 苏西


    It is a long process though, 2 hours in the oven plus 3 hours to chill,not to mention 2 hours the day before to make the dulce, so plan ahead!

  44. Debby


  45. Emilyadi


  46. Noemi

    This is delicious. The flavors are not over the top, it wasn’t so rich that I couldn’t finish my slice for breakfast :) I bought a Bundt pan specially for this recipe, and I am glad I did. I mixed the cake by hand due to several kitchen mishaps, but it all turned out well in the end. I had no problem getting this out of the pan after letting it cool in the fridge overnight. Thank you for this recipe!

  47. 汤姆·彭斯

    160 grams of flour was 3/4 of a cup. I went with the weight. Hopefully, you didn’t mean 260 grams of flour.

  48. 泰伦BULSARA

    I made this over the weekend for friends and it was a huge hit. I followed the directions as written and my choco-flan turned out picture perfect. Thank you for another excellent recipe to add to the rotation.

  49. Laurel T.

    We successfully made this gluten-free by using a 1:1 flour blend (in this case Bob’s Red Mill). It worked perfectly. Ultimately we were underwhelmed with the flavor of the flan in particular but the rest of our guests loved it and we were all impressed with how gorgeous it looked.

  50. Vishakha Parvate

    该DD和我做了这个,因为我是如此的“翻转蛋糕”着迷LOL。因为我们做出自己的牛奶酱,花了这么长时间,我们都准备不会再犯了 - 直到我们尝到了!它尝美味,因为它很有趣。

    它使一个巨大的蛋糕 - 烤人群 - 我们与邻居分享。

    也是我们花了超过25小时以烘烤 - 时间,一个新的烤箱记错!

    1. 凯丽

      I just posted below, but I also had trouble, and what worked was rubbing the top of the pan with a hot rag. After that, the flan separated from the pan and the whole cake slid out.

  51. 凯丽

    A decade ago I made a chocoflan and it was just… ok. I was thrilled to use this as an excuse to revisit the concept, and it was *perfect.* Thanks! One helpful piece of advice to others: I made mine a day ahead, stuck it in the fridge, and when it came time to unmold it, no go. I slipped a knife in, but with the fancy shape of my pan (another Nordic ware bundt, but with what look like petals), it was no help. What finally got it out–and beautifully, without a crack!–was running a towel under hot water and rubbing it on the top of the pan. After that, the cake popped out without trouble.

  52. Stephanie


  53. Jessica

    I made this for Mexican night — it was really a hit, and not too sweet at all. Caramel sauce to spoon over the top was a good idea. I had a moment of pure panic when it wouldn’t come out of the bundt pan after resting in the fridge all night. I left it resting over a platter and went to freak out to my husband in the other room, and when I came back it had plopped down onto the platter, totally intact and beautiful.

  54. Maraha.K

    Made this yesterday and it was spectacular! The cake is rich and bittersweet enough to really complement the caramel flan, which is also not overly sweet. I found the balance of flavours perfect!
    I only had a 7-inch bundt so I made the whole recipe but only put in 2/3 of the batters in the pan. The cake was done in about 1 hour 15 min. I divided the rest of the batters in 4 muffin cups, which took about 25 minutes.

  55. Jill Nielsen


  56. Jaime

    I cannot say enough good things about this cake! I made it 2 weeks ago and just ate the last slice tonight. It wasn’t dry at all and still delicious. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend making it 2 weeks in advance, but properly stored, it is just as good on day 15 as it was on day 1, both the cake part and the flan.

  57. J.P

    Other than that, I didn’t change a thing and it was delicious. I may add a bit more coffee to the next one though for a more pronounced flavor.

  58. K

    Made this yesterday. It was truly an all day affair, but I would make it again and plan to. I had to do the dulce from evap and it took over 2 hours to get to the right color and consistency. That was probably the suckiest part, but now that I know what to expect, no bigs. No issues sticking for me, but I sprayed that sucker liberally. Totally delicious and impressive. Going to use it on the dinner party rotation for sure. I’ve never made flan before so thanks for giving me the inspiration to get brave about it!