rhubarb cordial

我的朋友David Lebovitz,OG美食博客和九次作家,写了标志性的鸡尾酒,开胃酒,咖啡馆和法国传统的一本书,其中包括160个食谱,英国威廉希尔that came out in March。这是样书,让你觉得你已经跳上飞机飞往巴黎度过漫长,悠闲的下午 - 到 - 晚上徘徊,喝和品尝这个那个的,这是我不得不欣喜做almost a year agoin person. The circumstances might be terrible, but it feels like a bit of luck that he’s created a book that allows us to recreate these tastes and the feeling, as best as possible, at home.

非常乱季节大黄 chopped rhubarb

David wastes no time dropping us into Paris at dawn, right around the time we’d be stumbling off a too-brief-to-be-restful redeye, where the lights in cafes are flickering on, followed by the coffee machines. Baguettes are picked up in paper sacks that will be served with butter and jam. He explains that cafes are the living rooms of Paris, places where artists and writers have long worked, attracted by the heat that their homes lacked, and the wine, and remain places to meet friends outside your too-small apartment, freeing you from having to clean up before people come over. Fromcafé au lait巧克力查特(hot chocolate),citronnade(柠檬水),进距离L'heure DE L'apero(a time to unwind with a drink before dinner) to the craft cocktail movement of the last decade, the book is a bit of a dreamland, so perfect for those of us who desperately miss wandering right now.

加杜松子酒 add sugar a month (okay, two!) later add some cointreau

I went, almost predictably, straight for the rhubarb cordial, attracted by the use of my favorite spring stalks and by the uncomplicated ingredient list (rhubarb, gin, sugar, citrus zest). A cordial is an infusion in the liqueur family (sweeter spirits) that includes cremes and distillations.* Historically, they were opportunities to use up a bumper crop of fruit or preserve a harvest; today, I think of them as a way to celebrate seasonality. When my book arrived in early March, I chopped some rhubarb (alas, pre-season and borderline-sketch, sorry, but you should seek out the freshest you can find), and added it to Dingle gin (from our trip toIreland去年),“可爱易剥离国语”的热情,并在一个罐子里的糖。它应该在室温下挂了一个月,但我的公寓运行温暖和大卫向我保证,我可以把它放在冰箱里,相反,它只是可能需要更长的时间。事实上,我忘了这两个月,直到昨天下午。下午5:01,我们在一个小玻璃浇在一块冰块,用桔皮扭曲,和滋补飞溅完成了它(但起泡酒或苏打水将工作太)和碰了我们的内部安全第54天,期待每到春天再次使这个。

rhubarb cordial


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Rhubarb Cordial

  • 1磅(450克),大黄,修整并切成1/2英寸的片
  • 3 1/2 cups (830 ml) gin, plus more if necessary
  • 3 wide strips orange zest
  • 1/2杯(100克),糖
  • 3 tablespoons (45 ml) Grand Marnier, Cointreau, or triple sec (to serve)
  • 一个解放军sh of club soda, tonic water, or sparkling wine (to serve, optional)




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  1. 阿利萨

    Ohhh, this sounds delicious. My only problem is that I just yesterday used some ancient rhubarb in my freezer for your strawberry soda syrup, so now I’ll have to find more rhubarb!

    1. Prathi

      I’ve done a rhubarb cordial with vodka. Works a charm. No need to go spendy, you’d be surprised how the straining and filtering (through a coffee filter if you can) really smooths it out.

    2. Maro

      i didn’t read it carefully and started mine with vodka, then added more rhubarb when i realized it was supposed to be Gin and wanted to get rid of some gin i don’t love. it should be absolutely fine with vodka, just no botanicals to complement the rhubarb.

    3. lmfb

      You might try everclear! It’s high proof is really good for drawing out maximum flavor from fruit. So if you aren’t trying to get the botanical flavor from the gin, you might as well go for everclear. I’m currently using it to make lemoncello currently :)

  2. Emily Topham

    Between this and your upside down cake, it’s time to start bothering my mother about my grandfather’s rhubarb patch!

  3. Smg

    I just bought an N2O infuser and am given to understand that you can use them to i Stanton make infusions like this – think I’m going to try it. Supposedly it also works with CO2 chargers ….

  4. Christina

    Been doing this for years (that reminds me to start a batch this year!) – I use corn schnapps (German, comparable to vodka) and add some vanilla as well. We usually drink it as it is, but sparkling wine sounds lovely! As you said the same principle also works well for other fruit, successfully did the same with blackberries (and brown sugar) last year :)

  5. 雷切尔


    1. 一个ndrea


    2. 邓丽君


    3. 安娜

      做一个大黄糖浆,而不是可能?我可以用苏打水或水或到无酒精鸡尾酒混合约大黄一斤切碎,加一个锅2/3杯水一起,煮至软。滤出来的固体并滴落数小时。使液体到沸腾,添加1/3 - 1/2杯糖,撇去泡沫,瓶。保持冰箱,混合1 + 3与其它液体。

  6. GeekKnitter

    “Serving size may vary”
    Since I’m making your Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble this weekend, I’ll just buy a little extra and put this in the pantry to steep.

    1. Robin

      Dingle is my favorite too. It’s availability is off & on. I get it in CA at K&L Wine Merchants and lovely local wine shop started carrying for me. It seems maybe expensive for this purpose but it’s only a few bucks more than Hendricks I think.

    1. deb

      是的,我忘了说大卫Lebovitz的建议(he never wastes anything): “You can use the leftover rhubarb to make a compote by adding additional sugar, to taste, and cooking it in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring, until the rhubarb pieces have broken down into a thick, chunky puree. Add a dash of vanilla extract at the end of cooking, or add a vanilla bean, split lengthwise, at the start of cooking if you wish.” I presume that it goes without saying that compote will be very, very boozy.

  7. Emmy


  8. 阿曼达

    How do we think frozen rhubarb would hold up? I was planning to make some rhubarb compote for my kids but this looks too good to pass up and a month from now, I will really have earned this sort of treat!

      1. deb

        我不能肯定 - 戴维说,使用最新鲜的,最有瑕疵的水果进行保存,所以我不会有知道如何冻结配合。我会问他!

    1. Hazel-Dawn


      1. deb


          1. Meera


  9. Breanne


  10. Thea

    Oh interesting! Here in Australia, cordial refers to a sweet non-alcoholic syrup that you add to still or sparkling water – I think you call it squash or soda syrup? I’d be interested to try this version!

  11. 蕾妮


  12. Brittany

    What a fabulously elegant pink! Did I miss the aside on cremes and distillations? I love your asterisk notations and I can’t seem to find it.

  13. Willah


  14. Speaking as a retired writer, this SK blog post is beautifully written and deeply touching. You deftly opened my heart and took me to Paris, a city I’ve never personally visited.

    1. deb

      This is the carafe— I use them for a lot of things, including getting a bunch of water cold before dinner parties, and gifts, like the homemade irish cream. The glasses are from Duralex; I have them in a小规模(for, like, a single espresso shot or the most perfect toddler drinking glass), thismiddle size,and alarger one。中期大都是不错的酒,虽然我的丈夫大多采用它们作为冰淇淋的菜肴。

  15. Sandy Lentz

    Loved that sentence that sounds as though “the paper sacks…will be served”! How are they garnished??
    Great use for my burgeoning rhubarb.

  16. 珍妮

    I just listened to your wonderful talk on Cherry Bomb…I hope you and your family are doing well. Your cookbooks and blog are a happy companion in my kitchen!
    Enjoy the day!

  17. 鲁迪 - [R Scherff

    Was the month time of “cooking” the product arrived at by trial and error? I just made some while waiting for a snow storm and am already grwoing impatient. Happy Mothers’ Day!

  18. 朱迪

    So excited to try this as my rhubarb plant is going to town! As much as I would like to make it with gin, will using vodka. And just found your strawberry rhubarb pecan loaf, which I will also make today. Thank you for all your great recipes!!

  19. MaryP

    我让大黄糖浆。刚煮下来一堆大黄和应变出奶酪布或旧的,干净的茶巾液体。用糖调味再热。简单的糖浆是1:1水对糖 - 这是比我使用。烹饪下来大黄这样我就可以更好地控制我多么使用时,我不添加糖。我用它来作与杜松子酒或伏特加酒(觉得手钻)鸡尾酒,它的美妙。也可以用它来使大黄苏打水,柠檬水大黄等。

  20. 米歇尔

    Yum!! I’m in a summery, boozy mood lately, so I prepared a batch of this through the first step; it’s sitting in my pantry. I bought a bottle of French gin for it: something called Esme, which I’ve never had before. It smells pleasantly juniper-forward and has a beautiful bottle. Waiting for a month will be hard, but hopefully worth it.


    1. 辛迪·威廉姆森

      如果我能找到更多的大黄我做另一批明天 - 梦幻般的母亲节饮香槟 - 完成了我们四个人之间的整瓶!爱是爱浸泡锅!

  21. Sarah


  22. 蕾妮·勒布朗


    Do you know if this could work by putting it in 2 smaller jars? I don’t have a large airtight jar. Let me know! looks delicious!

  23. 劳伦

    this looks ah-mazing. i have a bottle of navy strength gin that i need to kill – this seems like the perfect way to do it!

    i was wondering – does the cordial need to be tightly sealed when steeping? i have a pyrex container i can keep this in, but sadly only with a plastic lid. and is there any harm in storing this in a metal container (like a swell) once it’s fully ready? I don’t have a glass carafe but i do have an unused s’well that’s looking for a proper function…

  24. Deb

    I have had rhubab a bunch of times, but for some reason, never thought about making it at home. After reading the article, I managed to make it. And it looks good so far. The thing is I don’t know if I can wait for a month. Can I just have it say in two weeks?

  25. 汉娜


  26. 莫娜

    Hi Deb,
    Listened to your Cherry Bombe podcast episode. Re: sourdough starter and discard, I only make enough so I never need to discard the starter (I use 90g in my loaf and I always have 30g left over every week) and I keep it in the fridge and feed 1x a week (I bake weekly).

      1. 雷切尔

        Not Mona, but this is how I would do it with an established starter. Begin with 120 grams of starter, use 90 grams in the loaf, and put the other 30 grams in a jar. Add 30 grams of flour and 30 grams of water to the starter in the jar (which now contains 90 grams), and put it in the refrigerator for the week. The night before I planned to bake, I would take the starter out and “discard” 45 grams, then add 45 grams of flour and 45 grams of water to the jar (total 135 grams) and leave it unrefrigerated. Use the “discard” to make overnight waffle or pancake batter. The next morning, use 90 grams for your bread, and 30 of the remaining 45 grams to start the process over. It won’t be the most active starter ever, but I’m sure the bread will still be delicious, just may need to be a little patient.

  27. 露西


  28. Christian

    I struggle to get hold of rhubarb where I live but I’d love to make this. I drank rhubarb cordial on a hot day at by the river in Regensburg, outside a restaurant founded in the 12th century (to feed workers at the site of the nearby bridge), alongside a meal of sausages on warm sauerkraut with caraway-seed rolls. It’s only my second-favourite place to eat in Regensburg (1st place always and forever belongs to Dampfnudel Uli) but it’s pretty excellent. I wish I could get back there this summer! My boyfriend’s parents live a little south of there and we visit them every year. Anyway, a beautiful drink for a beautiful place.

  29. Micka


  30. Noa

    I make a cocktail with the same flavors, but no waiting a month. Make a rhubarb simple syrup, then add gin, lemon and club soda or tonic water (I do a mix). Garnish with a strawberry or the cooked rhubarb. Same rhubarb flavor, and you can eat the rhubarb after.

  31. 雷切尔

    我在这做的之中(第5天,但谁的票),和大黄仍然都在液体顶部的方式。我只有一个1.5 Q罐子,一切都只是放不下,所以我不能添加任何杜松子酒,但即使我这样做,它不会改变淹没的程度。将水果下沉最终呢,还是没有事?我被你的描述迷住了,我立即下令书(迫切需要幻想到巴黎旅行现在),我注意到一些其他输液水果应该进行加权下来。我想我应该放松,也许尝试另一种鸡尾酒!

      1. 雷切尔


  32. Jess

    I have an enormous rhubarb bush but the stalks are green, not red. Will this just look/taste like pale green gin? I assume that the beautiful blush color of this cordial is really the star, not whatever flavor rhubarb imparts. Any suggestions?

    1. deb

      It will not have the pretty color (and mine is very pale too because my rhubarb was very “preseason”) but it should otherwise be fine.

      1. 贾斯汀

        I just finished aging mine, made with green rhubarb, and poured some to drink. Not only is it delicious, I think the green color fits the vegetal flavor better than pink. (Or maybe I’m just sore that my enormous rhubarb plant is almost entirely green.) Anyway, I hope you went ahead with the green stuff because this is really tasty.

  33. Helen

    Have you ever tried to speed up the infusion process by putting in in a sous vide below the boiling point of alcohol? I’ve done this to make herbal bitters before but never tried with a fruit infusion – wondering if anyone has

  34. Camille

    Hey everybody who says they don’t like gin–my cordial has been sitting for 2 weeks, I tasted it today just to see how it’s coming, and it doesn’t taste at all like gin, just rhubarb! Can’t wait for the finished product.

  35. 一个

    WOW this tastes AMAZING. Dangerous for something so boozy to go down so easy. I let it sit 20 days so far. Tasted at 14 and today at 20 and to be honest, I don’t taste *much* difference so I think the shorter go of it would be fine. I used Prairie gin, and I think any mild gin like that is particularly suited to this task. For those wondering about the sinking–my rhubarb didn’t sink until day 16, lol. Mine is also MUCH pinker than Deb’s–maybe because I used blood orange rind? I also used a touch less sugar than she did, but I like my booze barely sweet. Regardless, it’s awesome.

    - 其本身而言,在冰
    - 在搅拌的金万利一勺
    - 在一些起泡酒的葡萄汽酒

    Can’t wait to try the boozy rhubarb compote Deb mentioned that David does post-brew. I’m sure it’s going to be awesome.

  36. Monica S


  37. vadisimus


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  38. Jennette


  39. 杰西

    What happens if this is stored at warm room temperature? My kitchen runs warm, too, but I don’t want to wait the extra few weeks you recommend adding on if you store in the fridge!

  40. 阿曼达


  41. 蕾妮

    I made this a month ago, and strained it today. It was the most gorgeous dark pink color, and very very delicious. I was going to give some as a gift, but I think I’ll have to find more rhubarb for that, because we’re keeping this first batch. I made it as written (so easy) but also liked it served mixed with some white desert wine. I would go get the book like you recommended, but the last thing my 2020 needs us more delicious drinking options!

  42. Meera

    Do you need to store the cordial in the fridge? Or outside still okay? And ideas on how to use the rhubarb? Mine just finished steeping, can’t wait to have it. Mine looks more amber than pink.

  43. 汉娜


  44. Kbee

    The recipe says grand marnier to serve, but in the description you add it to the cordial when bottling it. I’m sure it is great either way – but curious which one Lebovitz does. Thanks for another great recipe!

  45. I started my jar on May 8th and just strained it today, July 2nd. It is DELICIOUS (tasted a bit last week, heh heh). An aside about floating vs sinking fruit in other comments: mine floated pretty much the whole time, only starting to sink this week. Anyhow, I’m glad I came here to check and see what to do with the boozy fruit…it is simmering with sugar on my stove as we speak. Thanks for a fabulous recipe, Deb/David!

    1. Just wanted to come back and say the jam is delicious. Added a scoop of sugar & juice of one lemon. Simmered covered. Still pretty boozy and a bit dry (I reeeeaaally squeezed the rhubarb for max liqueur, lol) so added a bit of water and a few of last year’s raspberries (from freezer). Simmered til mush. SO GOOD!

  46. Christine

    Finally decanted ours that started out on May 15, strained on June 15, and then has “aged” with the grand marnier added since then. It’s delicious as a tall spritzer with seltzer and lime, but I couldn’t handle how sweet it is just on its own. Thoughts on how much one could get away with reducing the amount of sugar next time?

  47. 嘉莉


  48. Suzanne

    Sipping my first rhubarb cordial and tonic and it’s delightful! I also bought the book as soon as I read about it here and have been making many delicious cocktails and aperitifs. Yesterday I sampled my first cocktail with Lebovitz’s homemade creme de cacao recipe. I highly recommend the book.

  49. HazyD

    I made two batches. First one “came of age” today after a month. Second one bottled today. A quick comparison of the two reveals that the first batch does indeed taste aged, a little less raw, than the second, but the difference is not huge and they’re both super tasty.
    一个fter bottling both batches, I whizzed the leftover rhubarb in my (pretty powerful) blender, then strained the pulp, pressing hard on the solids. Got a little more than a cup and a half of delicious liquid. It’s cloudy and not so pretty, so I don’t use it in the cordial, but as flavored gin in cocktails it is very good!