perfect apple tarte tatin

[Welcome to the second episode of the副厨师长系列,a sporadic feature on SK in which I invite cooks I admire over to my small kitchen to teach me — and thus, us — to make one of their specialties. Spoiler: I’m the sous! Previously:制作马铃薯varenikiwith Kachka’s Bonnie Frumpkin.]

Almost without fail, the more bafflingly short an ingredient list and the more stunningly delicious the outcome, the more likely it is to rivet me. I don’t need all recipes to have 5- or 10- or fewer ingredients — I fare poorly under arbitrarily restrictive confines — but doesn’t it just blow your mind that you can make the apple tarte tatin above with only apples, sugar, butter, lemon juice, and a sheet of defrosted puffed pastry?

Or, youshould能够。当制作好了,这倒苹果馅饼看起来像酥饼的涟漪粉扑的顶部紧贴铜鹅卵石。如果幸运的话,苹果将味道像他们喝焦糖的杯子,然后在他们不完绒毛。我爱它够深,我已经写了两次(!)十一年,但我的努力......平庸的最好的。我的意思是,just look他们- 太薄,太稀疏,过于苍白,苹果要么不足或过头,和很长的路太多的苹果已经解散了烹调时间应该已经之前,尽管是“好烤苹果。”

apple tarte tatin master, susan spungen I’d begrudgingly resigned myself a life of tatin mediocrity when I spotted one of the most stunning ones I’d seen to date ona magazine stand。我有一种感觉,我知道是谁熟/称呼它 - 我全面的街道邻居。她的名字是苏珊·庞根和she’s a食谱作者和food stylist and whether you realize it or not, you’ve probably admired her behind-the-scenes handiwork on movies — see: that croissant scene in情况很复杂,oh and everything Amy Adams and Meryl Streep cooked in朱莉与朱莉娅。It was on the latter project that she got very, very good at apple tarte tatins. She explains “It was a quick shot, but I worked hard to get the right look and technique, so I could make it over and over again, and have it look exactly the same each time, which is essential for a movie scene.”

I invited myself over and watched her make one in her tiny kitchen, not even breaking a sweat, and it was perfect. I thought it would fill me with the confidence I needed to replicate it at home. But two years later, it had not. So, this fall, I asked her to come to my place this time, I took 200 pictures and almost as many notes. I then made four more without her and all except the one I made with what turned out to be the wrong apples, looked exactly like hers. With this I knew it was time to write what I hope will be the last tarte tatin recipe you’ll ever need.


1. The type of apple matters.You need one that holds its shape after it bakes. The internet is full of lists of “good baking apples” and “bad” baking apples and I cannot tell you which one will never lead you astray because there’s (believe it or not) a limit to my madness and I won’t be testing any recipe with every variety of apple. However, I was crazy enough to audition four here. I homed in on ones that I can buy at both grocery stores and local greenmarkets right now: Pink Lady, Fuji, Gala, and Granny Smiths. The first three worked great; the last one fell to mush. It may be because it was from a grocery store (I actually don’t find them at markets much) where they’re often非常非常老,或者它只是他们都错了这个食谱。我不认为它的价值,找出风险。如果用另一种成功使,那就大声喊出来(以及是否采购本地或从杂货店)的意见。

剥了你的苹果 first cut: just under 1/2 apple cut any extra core out coat with lemon juice

2.你不需要削减他们都疯了。I see recipes that call for halves (too big), quarters (too small), and some that call for thirds, which is about right but there’s no need to do exacting knife work to get every piece to be the same size, even if you have the patience to make finicky apple cuts. I’m using three sizes — a little less than half, a third, and about one-quarter in each that you see here — and cut them the way you would if you were snacking on an apple: imperfect and easy. A mix of sizes and shapes fits better.


融化你的糖 when halfway melted, whisk add butter 加上苹果


它会在一两分钟放松 nestle the 3/4 cooked apples in pour any leftover caramel over nestle the dough on top

5.由于#3,#4,你真的想用两个平底锅让您的他汀。Trust me — a person who will go to almost any length not to dirty two dishes when she could only dirty one — when I say that this is a place where it is unequivocally worth it. Almost every apple tarte tatin recipe makes life unnecessarily difficult by having you do the stovetop component (making the caramel and cooking the apples in it) in the same small pan as you’d might bake your final tart. Just look how many apples end up in the final tart, and that’sthey’ve shrunk. It’s very hard to cook the not-yet-shrunk apples evenly in caramel in a small pan. It’s much easier and will give you more consistent results if you use a big skillet. Then, arrange the apples exactly the way you want them in a smaller ovenproof skillet or standard pie pan. (And, it cools the apple mixture down a bit, essential because you don’t want to melt the butter in your pastry before it gets in the oven.)

6. Almost every apple tarte tatin recipe, including my previous ones, tells you to flip it out of the pan too soon.给它时间juic焦糖和煮熟的苹果es to thicken up a bit. I found a minimum of 30 minutes and up to 60 worked well. It’s not ruined if you flip it sooner, but the caramel will be thinner and more likely to run off and puddle.


perfect apple tarte tatin


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  • Servings:8
  • 资源:改编,只要稍微,从苏珊·庞根
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While the recipe calls for 7 and almost always only needs 7 apples, I always start with 8, just in case one is too banged up to use, or they shrink enough that I can fit an extra piece in. Caramel apple pieces that don’t fit — you’ll figure out what to do with them. Look for apples that are relatively even in size for even “cobblestones” on the tart.

An important note about checking the caramel’s temperature: It takes 1 to 2 minutes for the caramel to get to the dark amber color after you whisk it smooth — this is really fast. More than once, in just the 10 to 20 seconds I was fumbling with my thermometer (the temp reading won’t stay steady), it got too dark and smoky and I had to start over again. I highly recommend just eyeballing the color.

  • 半个柠檬榨汁
  • 4汤匙(55克和2盎司)无盐黄油,立方,很冷
  • 3/4杯(150克),砂糖
  • 1 sheet of defrosted puffed pastry or a half recipe ofextra-flaky pie crust
  • 7至8中大型粉红佳人,加拉,或富士苹果(3到3 1/2磅; 1.3至1.5公斤)
  • Crème fraîche or softly whipped cream, unsweetened, for serving (optional)

Heat oven to 400°F (205°C).


Have the butter very cold and ready by the stove. Trust me.

倾糖成一个大的(11至12英寸)煎锅和发生在中高热量和煮,不搅拌,直至糖被部分液化,约4分钟。打蛋器,直到所有未熔化糖消失在焦糖和微调的热量下降到中等偏低。我们要做饭有点暗,但它会从这里快速进入。Cook until the sugar is dark amber, 1 to 2 minutes (you can test this on an instant read thermometer, it’s about 350 to 370 degrees F but read the Note up top first; a drop of caramel poured on a white plate will look dark amber). Remove from heat, immediately add butter and whisk to melt and combine. This will hold the color where it is.

Return to the heat and add the apples and cook over medium high heat. The caramel will seize up a bit and will seem too thick to coat the apples, but it will loosen up in a minute. Cook, gently stirring and turning to ensure even cooking, until apples soften and begin to turn translucent at the edges and are about 3/4 of the way cooked through, about 10 minutes. This is not an exact science; larger or more dense apples may take longer. On the flipside, if your apples are falling into mush here, they’re the wrong apples, it will not get better in the oven. Don’t worry about overcooking the caramel once the apples are in; this has never happened to me.


Roll the dough out to a rough circle about one inch larger than the pan. If you’re not ready to use it yet, chill until needed on a lightly floured plate or tray.

Top sautéed apples with the pastry round, tucking the edges in all around. Cut a vent or two in the center, and place dish or skillet on a baking sheet. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes minutes, or until pastry is nicely browned and apples are bubbling around the edges.

Run a butter knife around the edges to loosen. Let cool in the pan at least 30 minutes and up to 60 minutes. Peek under the crust if you can, or tilt the pan slightly, looking for evidence that the caramel and juices have thickened slightly. To invert, top with a serving plate and grasp the pan and plate tightly together as a unit (wearing oven mitts if it is still warm;) and flip quickly. Remove the pan. If any apples stick to the pan, just replace them where they should go on the tart. Serve warm, with crème fraîche or whipped cream, if desired.

If it has cooled completely before you serve, either return to the oven (if in a pie dish) or the stove (if in a skillet) to warm up and loosen the caramel for a few minutes. Leftovers keep well in the fridge, rewarm gently before serving.

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    1. 哇!!! I looked for an apple tarte tatin to surprise my husband that loves apples dessert, but I thought I didn’t like this kind of cake… well, I was so wrong! It finished in the space of a day, thank you to let me discover something I didn’t know!

  1. Carol Hickman

    感谢您为您服务 - 认真!我做了,却有无数的馅饼食谱寻找一个将产生一致的和疯狂的好成绩,并不能等待,使英国威廉希尔这一个!


    1. 你苹果的描述喝焦糖的杯子,并在休息午睡简直是最美丽而神奇的食物写我读过!❤️

      1. Patty

        谢谢!The link took me to a sports highlight page but I was able to find the tat in. I’m definitely trying this recipe.

  2. Nonnie

    What are your thoughts on doubling/tripling this into a 9×13 for a large family meal? Or should it be made in two pie plates?

    1. deb


      1. KateP

        Great advice about how to prepare the apples. Can’t wait to try your recipe, Deb. It looks fabulous.
        I have used Golden Delicious apples in the past. I don’t think Granny Smiths would ever work as they go mushy. Good for stewed apples and apple sauce, though.

      2. deb

        取决于糕点,很快就取决于你flipped it. Puffed pastry does not hold up terribly well to a very liquid caramel once flipped. Pie dough holds up better.

  3. 迪安娜

    My mom is going to be so happy when I make this for her in 2 weeks…with her required shot of bourbon mixed into the caramel. And cinnamon because the only thing she likes more than an apple dessert is an apple cinnamon dessert.

  4. Anna


  5. Sharon

    So excited to try this! What kind of rimmed plate did you transfer the cooked Tarte onto? And can you re-warm it once it’s flipped?

  6. Annie


    1. Elemjay


      Most Tatin recipes are rubbish because they don’t have you pre cook the apples enough. This approach sounds just right.


  7. 苏珊娜

    不健全的势利眼,但是,从”右”苹果的馅饼我的对象体内发现 - 我们的农民市场为的Caville相思D'HIVER。这是苹果公司。每年的这个时候我让尽可能多的tartes,我可以在这短短的季节。这也是一个美妙的吃苹果。今天晚上试试这几招!(附注:我们住在纽约州北部,又名苹果的国家)。

  8. Brittany


    1. Brittany, thank you for the information that Jazz and Envy apples are great for baking. They are actually my favorites (along with Ambrosia) although I always eat them fresh. Even though I don’t do much baking it’s good to know they will work well in Deb’s tarte tatin which is now filed with my carefully organized aspirational recipes. Keep your eyes out for Cosmic Crisp which has a lot of buzz and starts selling next month. I grew up in WA state apple country so I’m anxious to try it.

  9. CY


  10. Marcia

    Right now I have several bags of Wickhams apples: Mutsus which Are my favorites for pies,
    Winesaps which are tart and crunchy and our favorite eating apple, and Cameos which are a little sweeter. Any opinions on which to use?

  11. I would love to make this! Question: could I substitute the butter for margarine in the caramel, in order to make it vegan? (my partner is vegan and I suffer the consequences when I bake!)

    1. Susan


    2. 杨千嬅g ^

      我已成功地用于馅饼接地平衡的素食人造黄油(莫利·威泽伯格AKA Orangette的配方从她的书自制的生命)。国家瓦罐最近推出了一些素食主义者人造黄油;我用橄榄油之一烘烤,或许杏仁油人会在这个菜很好地工作。不幸的是,我还没有找到一个伟大的品质的非乳制的酥皮。培珀莉是确定的,不精彩。我已经尝试了中东的品牌,这是一个好一点的(这是一个有点厚,而不是撒与面粉死亡),但我只看到它在南加州的专业市场。我喜欢莫莉的配方很多,所以我期待着尝试这一个。

  12. I can tell I’m a true novice when it comes to being a ‘foodie’ when I read your blog and the comments, lol. I’ve never even heard of this desert before, let alone tried to make it. We grow our own apples though, and I think our golden delicious might hold up…
    谢谢你让我知道是谁熟一切美妙的食物在朱莉与朱莉娅 - 了不起的,你认识她!告诉她的,你看她真棒下一次。嗯......你太惊人,德布。我总是你的创造力和驱动赞叹不已。另一件事多亏了添加到我的尝试列表...哈哈

  13. 艾米

    P.s. I’m making several desserts, most of them from your recipes. ❤️ Lots of fabulous cooks in the family, but I’m the only enthusiastic baker.

  14. 玛丽莎

    我这个昨晚与粉红女士苹果和它完美地解决。我用耐热玻璃馅饼盘子,并提前做出的苹果/焦糖混合物几个小时,然后放在糕点,并把它放在烤箱煮,而我们吃了晚饭。它看起来惊人相似的人在照片,这是所有喜欢 - 甚至是猫管理的舔时,他还以为没有人看!谢谢你的一大秘方:)

  15. Sara

    Made this with grocery store Galas, turned out great! Thanks for inspiring me to try something totally new! Also appreciated your note about how long to cool it for – 30 minutes was perfect, the caramel stayed nicely in place.

  16. 凯瑟琳

    We just watched a MasterChef where one of the challenges was tarte tartin, and then a week later watched Queer Eye where they made this, and now it’s here on your blog. I feel like the universe is telling me something!

  17. Tatyana

    Thank you for this gorgeous recipe! Made it last night for a dinner party and guests loved it! I used Pink Lady and Granny Smith and found that I preferred the tanginess of the Grannys in this tart. Mine were fresh and stood up better than the Pink Ladies after cooking. Thanks again, Deb! Wish I could attach a pic to show you how it turned out.

  18. 珍妮特


  19. Susan Y


    1. Ruth

      I was going to suggest Goldrush. I now use them for all recipes calling for Golden Delicious, because they hold up in cooking/baking the way Golden Delicious do, but have much better flavor. And most French apple recipes seem to call for Golden Delicious.

  20. LitProf


  21. sweetmeggiejs


  22. 苏珊·利

    This is a delicious Tarte Tatin, I made it last night and it looked every bit as good as the picture and tasted as good as it looked.
    For those of us in the UK I used Braeburn apples.


  23. CSS

    像许多其他人一样,读完一个苹果开启t taste like it’s been napping in caramel my daughter and I couldn’t resist. We were happy how it looked (not as dark as yours pictured), but a little disappointed that it wasn’t caramel-y-er. We pictured little apples nesting in a caramel bath. Alas. Perhaps we should double the sugar /butter part if that’s our goal? Thoughts?

  24. Gerley

    I made this and it was too thin and too pale and the apples were wrong. All my fault probably but I wanted to troubleshoot.
    1. I am in Germany and I can’t find any of the mentioned apples here. (Pink Lady is available but I couldn’t find them)
    I saw Braeburn and Golden Delicious for other European success apples. Anyone have more experience with another one? I will try to get those next – who knew apples could be so complicated:)
    2. The apples tasted like apple but nothing like caramel and the whole pie tasted nothing like caramel. I realize my apples were wrong but maybe the flavor should have been different? I let it get quite dark so I felt good about the color any ideas?
    It definitely looked like it was a teensy but of caramel for so many apples. Or maybe with a better apple it’s not as diluted?

    1. deb

      Definitely no harm in making a 1-cup level of caramel next time just to see. Did the caramel run off or did it stay on top at all? How did the apples bake up? Sounds like you got the color right!

      1. Gerley


  25. KJill

    I am so glad I am not the only one who gets frustrated with which apples are good for what. Good for cooking or baking they say – for flavor perhaps – but what I really want to know is how quickly something goes to mush or how much liquid the apples tend to release even if they do stand up. I scaled this back a little as I am cooking for two and use 2 pounds of Gala apples. I stood mine for 45 minutes and It came out just like the picture!! and tasted amazing!!! Next time I will take the time to make my own pastry, it is the only thing I can imagine doing to make it even better (although someones mention of a little bourbon intrigues)

  26. 切尔西

    We have a very prolific Granny Smith apple tree in our backyard, so all apple recipes use those apples. They didn’t turn to mush in the caramel, so I was encouraged. However, despite holding their shape in the finished product, they were the texture of apple sauce. Heed Deb’s advice: don’t use Granny Smith.

    My caramel didn’t come together well; I was nervous about overcooking it, so it wasn’t as dark as it could have been, and then the butter didn’t fully incorporate. Once the apples went in, it seemed to work itself out.


  27. Stacey

    I insisted on making this on a school night and had to cut a few corners. Alice Waters says don’t worry about the apples getting brown (they are getting plenty brown in the caramel!), so I cut the lemon juice. Didn’t peel the apples and cut them into small chunks – cooked faster, no fancy nestling. I added a little salt to the caramel, like that contrast. I think the small apple pieces released more liquid into the caramel, it was quite watery there for a while but reduced down by the time the whole pile went into the skillet. The advice to leave it in the pan before flipping is key – I have been doing that part wrong for ten years. Outcome was fantastic – thanks for all your efforts to perfect and share the technique! My family inhaled it with a little sour cream and the kids only went to bed about 20 minutes late.

  28. Tasted lovely but was way too watery! I halved the recipe and used a smaller baking pan, so maybe that was the problem? I used regular galas, and the texture of the apples was lovely- no complaints there. I also waited an hour to flip. Maybe my caramel wasn’t thick enough, although it got quite dark and thick before adding the butter and apples. I think that if I make it again, I just won’t flip it at all! Then the pastry will stay crisp, and I won’t have to worry about the liquid. I’ll also stick to the smitten kitchen apple pies for “presentation” occasions, as those have never gone wrong.

  29. Wow, looks really good. I would never have thought to put lemon in it. Have you tried your recipe with pears? Apparently that makes a good tarte tatin as well.

  30. 非常感谢您对这个食谱。我在法国长大,这是一个甜点我的祖母为我做饭,经常。我一直在寻找一个食谱,就像她在这里我找到了你,我试图和它的味道就像我的童年!谢谢!!

  31. Sadie


  32. Oh my! Your Russian apple cake is my go-to snow-day treat with the kids (perfect with a nice cup of tea), but I may have to throw this one into the rotation now. Anything with apples is a hit in my house (thank goodness cause I have one picky eater kid, and one easy one), and these ingredients are easy to keep on hand. Thanks for making my winter just a tad easier!

  33. Hillary

    Question about how to make in advance, even if making just 6 hours in advance of serving for a dinner party. Do you wait to invert onto a rimmed plate? Do you reheat the pie plate to loosen the caramel and then invert onto cake plate? Does the cake plate need a rim?

  34. ILA

    我切相当小的一个三分关每个苹果去皮,留从核心得好远,以避免以调整每个块的中心。In the time it takes to un-seize and cook the apple-caramel mxture in the pan, I microwave the rather generous cores (without stems and flies) for a few minutes, put them through a foodmill and enjoy my Cook’s Share of freshly made applesauce. . . and waste nothing.

  35. ILA

    可能比适合块做准备the pie dish: oh, what a great caramelly apple compote they do make!

  36. EC

    Made this last night for a dinner party and it was amazingly delicious. Multiple people asked for the recipe. Also, I never made anything like this before, so the detailed instructions were really useful. Used Gala apples and followed the recipe pretty exactly, except my pan was bigger so I actually used even more apples. But I found the amount of caramel to just right for me. Thanks!!

  37. Hillary


  38. ILA

    Fighting the bane of all tartes Tatin: too much liquid – even in SK’s new, ever-so-much-better version, I now half-sauté the apples in the caramel the day before, let them macerate. This pulls out more liquid from the apples before they are put into the pie dish. (It also makes it easier to fill the dish chockfull, even piled up a bit.) I then simmer the caramel-juice mix until thick and pour it over the apples before, eventually, putting on the crust and baking. No matter how long the tarte is left to cool, it always unmolds perfectly, with the apples’ pectin keeping the shape beautifully.

  39. Deb, did you run into any issues with soggy pastry when you were playing with this recipe? I made it today — the apples were perfectly cooked, and the pastry was well baked (I cut into it a bit after it cooled to peek). I waited an hour before flipping it out, and it was well set. But when we ate it 90 mins later the crust has become a soggy, compressed mass. I’m wondering whether I was foolish to turn it out so long before we ate, or maybe the crust wasn’t as well baked as I thought. Just wondering if you have any insight to share. Thanks!

    1. deb


      1. Thanks, that should be helpful to know the next time I make it. I don’t have much experience working with puff pastry, but I’ve been having fun making the pastry and learning as I go. The apples and caramel were delicious, though. I added a bit of finely chopped rosemary and lemon zest to the caramel.

  40. 米歇尔

    I made this with a mix of Pink Lady and Bramley apples. The Pink Lady apples cooked up perfectly; the Bramleys were quite pleasantly tart, but not as nice texturally, perhaps because the pieces were bigger. They did remain intact, but I’m not sure I’d use them again.

    Also, I cooked my sugar to “dark amber”, but after tasting it and reviewing your pictures, I think “dark amber” is a shade too far – there was a hint of bitterness in the final tart, but nothing that whipped cream couldn’t fix.

    我翻挞了近两个小时的休息后 - 将盘仍有小幅温暖的触感,所以我花了一个机会,而不把它放回烤箱。它未成形完美,没有流鼻涕焦糖。感谢这么多这么详细的食谱 - 我肯定会再次使这个!

  41. 丽贝卡

    I made this for a Friendsgiving and I’m not sure what happened but it didn’t deliver the flavor we were expecting. I followed the recipe to a T but the caramel flavor did not come through, and the puff pastry seemed to steam rather than bake. My friends oven run hot so not sure what the issue was. It sure did look cute though.

  42. Sengkelat

    I was a little skeptical of the reduced amounts of butter and sugar compared to Molly’s recipe, and when I make this again I’ll be trying 1c sugar and 5 1/3 tbsp butter for more intense caramel flavor, and maybe upping the butter even further to full Molly-recipe levels. I also may have over-appled mine, using a little over 3.5 lbs Pink Lady apples. In future I’ll stop adding apples when they make a single layer in my 12″ pan. It still turned out well though, just a little less caramel flavor than I’d like. And, I’ve been using Granny Smiths for this forever and they always got mushy; I had no idea I was using the wrong apple! The Pink Ladies came out so much better, with each apple clearly distinguishable.
    I also used regular pie dough as the crust, which came out fine, though since I made this a day in advance I wish I hadn’t also flipped it a day in advance. The pie crust was fine, but was damp in the way that bottom crusts on pies typically are. And in future I’ll have to try the extra-flaky recipe.
    Anyway, this recipe is a definite improvement and I’ll be using it from now on. Thanks, Deb!

  43. Gerley

    I finally made this to resemble what you described: the apples actually tasted of caramel and they had a nice coppery tone. Biggest takeaways: Cutting larger pieces and using cast iron to bake. My biggest issue (and one I saw in the comments, too) was too much liquid. It dilutes the caramel flavor and makes the pie soggy.
    2)我用荷兰烤箱烘烤而不是圣和ard pie dish. Its not ideal because of the high rim but I don’t want to buy a cast iron skillet just for this recipe. This was a good solution though because so.much.more.liquid boiled off in cast iron than the standard pie dish. Because of the high rim and less heat getting to the bottom I will consider leaving it in the oven for 5-10 min longer. Or maybe putting it on the floor of the oven first and browning the pastry under the broiler later.
    这是一个sirupy caramely喜悦,而不是流鼻涕乱像前两次。

  44. 我看了您的文章惊人的我得到了很多的知识信息,这个职位我的妻子请我吃披萨,所以我问我的朋友告诉我,哪一个是最好的比萨饼的地方,所以他建议我品尝米兰比萨饼。

  45. Meredith

    Like so many others here, I followed all the directions, cut my apples in thirds, and could have cooked the caramel a little darker, but otherwise did everything as listed, and when I flipped it after waiting more than an hour, the caramel ran out into a puddle on the floor. What I was able to catch in a cup tasted like apple cider, not caramel. The finished product tastes very lovely, but not like caramel. What did I do wrong?

    1. deb


    2. Gerley


  46. leah

    Made this last night. I added a pinch of salt and for some reason did not see the lemon juice in the printed recipe. Anyhoo! It was delicious! It was so good, I smooshed a slice into my oatmeal this morning. And it was beautiful. Perfect, indeed!

  47. Sue

    I live in France and I use Golden Delicious apples. We would have more caramelisation on the Tarte Tatin but apart from that, yours looks good.

  48. macfadden

    I was following the recipe carefully, but something went wrong when I added the cold butter. It never mixed with the melted sugar, despite my furious whisking. It just turned into very hard clumps. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but to avoid doing it again, I dug out my Cook’s Illustrated cookbook, which recommends melting the butter first, stirring in the sugar and cooking it until it turns golden (it’s not liquid at this point), and then putting in the apples, and heating it all together so the caramel slowly is formed around the apples. This worked out well for me; the crumbly caramel issue did not roar its head again. With the apples cooked in the caramel on the stove, I went back to your recipe and put everything in a pie pan to bake. It turned out delicious.

    1. 杰西Reuteler


      1. 杰西Reuteler


  49. Greyson


  50. 嘉莉


  51. rhoda

    It would be so so great if you made a video or provided some photos to accompany this recipe.
    – Smitten w Smitten Kitchen!

  52. Hannah Wachs

    Mine remained very, very wet after cooling. What did I do wrong? This was a tremendous amount of work to have it turn out so poorly. I used gala apples.

  53. Just made this for lunch and it was by far the best (and better-looking) Tatin I’ve ever made! Used granny smiths. Just had issues with a soggy pastry base, but I think bits because I made the pie a few hours in advance (even if I flipped it just before serving).

  54. 米歇尔

    使用富士苹果,能够容纳8 !我followed the directions exactly and even when the caramel seized up after the apples went in and it felt wrong, just keep at it. It will work out! I probably cooked the apples on the stove top longer than I should, but they still held their shape really well. I Was nervous about them being crunchy. I upped the sugar to 1 cup and butter to 5 TBSP based on the suggestion in other comments and I don’t regret it at all! It came out Caramely and picture perfect! Thanks for the advice on how to nestle the apples properly for the perfect cobblestone tarte tatin!

  55. camillasanderson

    Just made this with Pink Ladies and it turned out delicious… AND I’m wondering if anyone has used maple syrup instead of sugar? I think I’ll try that next time…

  56. Sujatha

    I made this ALMOST exactly as written, timings were perfect, but I added a little orange extract to the caramel after i had taken out the apples into my pie dish. When I flipped it after waiting 53 minutes, the caramel was really watery and just spilled out over the counter. Did the extract cause that or did I do something else wrong? I know caramel is very finicky, I am kicking myself!! Deb your recipes are always spot on, I should not have strayed

      1. Sujatha

        Thanks Deb
        I thought I waited long enough but the pan was still slightly warm. I actually flipped it over my counter, so the juices spilled there — quick, while my husband wasn’t looking, I just swiped all the juices off the counter and back onto the pie. Your instructions for the apples made it look impressive. And my family loved it, there was only a tiny piece left this AM. Perfect dessert for when flour is in short supply! Thanks again!

  57. 尼娜在苏黎世

    Finally the PERFECT tarte tatin recipe! Tart apples (I used Pink Lady), heavenly caramel. I confess, I was momentarily discouraged when I put the butter into the melted sugar and suddenly had hard clumps. But trust in Deb! As I continued to cook it gently, everything smoothed out beautifully. Thank you, Deb, for this lovely recipe!

  58. James in NZ